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A Favorite Summer song for all ocsasions

One of the most versatile summer pieces is definitely a comb of many women who love it because it is easy to combine and is very effective.

Overalls is a perfect summer piece because it is supportive at every occasion and does not need to be much thoughtful when combining. For hot summer days, especially short sleeves are especially suitable, and those of cotton and linen are very comfortable to wear.

The offer of high street brands on the whole range is rich and varied, with particular emphasis on shorter overalls and playful blur models that are ideal for days spent on the beach.

Apart from being simple and comfortable, they can be dressed for any situation, and high street brands offer everything – from classic business models to short fluttering beach shoes.

Elegant collars are ideal for summer weddings and similar occasions or for evening look, and the simplest and comfortable pieces will be perfect for everyday situations.

Whatever they combine, combinations are definitely an unmistakable choice for the summer. We’ve been researching the combination of popular high street brands.



One-piece suits combine classics and futurism, and since the material, cut and design really vary, they can be worn on all occasions – from sports activities to evening outings


Last spring, fashion and fashion designers introduced them to fashion catwalks, but it seemed to be just another passing hit. But this season, jumpsuits have become “must have” for fashion fans, without which the wardrobe will not be complete.







Get dressed in overalls and be special and obsessed

A short top or a narrow white shirt with shoulders, sneakers or sandals is enough, and we are ready to move. This comfortable piece of clothing is a bit harder to put into winter clothes, but not impossible! See how they wear these fashionable features in winter. Before the trestles became an important item of every cabinet, they were worn by Alexa Chung. This model of clothing, which is not reserved for warmer days, is liked by blogger Leandro Medina, who gave them a thumbs up ahead of them, and Chiara Ferragni just like many other ladies whose style inspires fashionistas around the world. While walking through local high street stores, we could not fail to notice that the tresters are a frequent sight on their hangers, which announces a very interesting fashion autumn.

Woman was still wearing denim overalls

The first step in creating a combination with the trellis is to select a suitable model. One of the classic denim, trapezoid or skinny variants looks great if you combine them with news that can be oversized or thick with a wide collar. From sneakers to elegant salons, the trestle approaches everything, depending on the message you want to send with your styling. Inspire yourself with this street style combinations. The one-piece suit is perfect for the warm days ahead, especially when it consists of light, breathable materials in which your skin can breathe freely, and consists of short trousers and tops, shirts or sleeveless shirt. With this casual look you can combine different types of footwear under sneakers to high heels, as well as accessories.




This year you can not just bypass the clothes with prints and floral patterns. Given that in a certain part of one-piece suits find inspiration in the traditional fashion of the Middle East and India, it is no wonder that certain designers have interfered precisely with such materials and cuts. These very feminine one-piece suits will really make you special and remarkable.